Are strange rattling noises or a failed emissions tests keeping you off the road? Our expert technicians can conduct a fast and thorough exhaust test that’s completely free.

If you do need an exhaust replacement or repair, we’ll provide you with a free, no-obligation quote upfront. We’ll never do work without asking you first.


  • What to look out for?

    If any of these are true, then please don’t wait “Book an Appointment Now” for one of our ATA accredited technicians to have a chat with you and look at the problem before any damage is caused or things get worse.

    • Knocking noise from under car
    • Using more fuel than normal
    • Deep loud noise
    • Smell of fumes inside or outside of the car
    • Looks lower or misplaced from the rear
    • Drop in power/performance
  • Can you carry out exhaust repairs on my car?

    Yes! Our expert technicians are trained to carry out exhaust system repair on any make or model of car. We are highly experienced at checking and fitting exhausts, and it’s no surprise, as the exhaust system is one of the most hard-working components on your vehicle. It is constantly in use whilst the engine is running.

  • Do you use quality exhaust parts?

    Yes! Our car exhaust fitters use only the highest-quality parts to ensure your new exhaust matches your car’s original specification. All our exhausts carry a one year unlimited mileage guarantee.

  • What does exhaust replacement cost?

    To make sure you’re only paying for the parts and labour that’s required, we don’t charge fixed car exhaust prices. Call in for a free check today and we’ll carry out a comprehensive inspection of your car exhaust system, then give you a non-obligation, free exhaust replacement quote.

  • How long does it take?

    Our free exhaust check should take no more than 20 minutes. We have full customer facilities on site to ensure you are looked after whilst the check is being carried out. If repair is required, we’ll give you an estimated completion time at the same time as your free quote.



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