If your vehicle is 3 years old or more, you are required by law to have an MOT, which can be very daunting for some people and often can be forgot about. At Excel autos we send yearly reminders to our customers to ensure they stay road legal.

Our specialist ATA-trained testers can carry out all required repairs on site on the same day – and we always quote upfront so no nasty surprises!

Next time your MOT is due make sure you book in with us at Excel Autos and make use our FREE drop off and collection service.

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  • What does an MOT Check?

    The MOT test is carried out to DVSA guidelines & includes a comprehensive inspection of the vehicle to ensure it is in a roadworthy condition. They check the following things:

    • Vehicle Identification Number
    • Registration Plate
    • Lights
    • Steering & Suspension
    • Wiper & Washers
    • Windscreen
    • Horn
    • Seat Belts
    • Seats
    • Fuel System
    • Emissions / Petol
    • Body Work
    • Doors
    • Wheels & Tyres
    • Brakes
    • Smoke Test / Diesel
  • When is my MOT due?

    Most vehicles older than 3 years old need an MOT check and a new certificate every 12 months. Visit to find out when your car needs its next test. If you are an existing customer you will receive a yearly reminder 4 & 2 weeks prior to your MOT expiring by post, email & text message.

  • How long will an MOT take?

    The MOT will take an hour, but may take longer if we need to carry out any minor repairs. We ask that you arrive at least 30 minutes before your booked time, but you can leave your car with us any time from the moment we open as we offer a drop off service to local areas.

  • How can I ensure my car passes its MOT?

    Some of the most common MOT failures are down to small, avoidable factors like tyre pressure, windscreen wipers and light bulbs. By carrying out a few simple checks before you bring your car in, you could save the hassle of a retest

  • What documents do I need to bring?

    If your vehicle is undergoing its first MOT then a V5C vehicle registration certificate (log book) is required, this document is also required if your vehicle has had a change of registration plate since its last MOT. If the car is foreign then you will need to take along the log book and date of registration in the UK. In all other instances no documentation is required.

  • What happens if I fail my MOT?

    If your car doesn’t pass, it’s deemed unroadworthy and must have necessary repairs carried out before it is retested. It is illegal to drive your car on the road without a valid MOT certificate.

    At Excel Autos we will advise you of any repairs that are necessary following testing providing you with an electronic copy of the failure points to ensure you know exactly what issues there are. Most repairs can be carried out on the same day with exception to large jobs.

  • Do I have to pay an MOT retest fee?

    If repairs are carried out on the same day, or on the following day, we’ll carry out a free MOT retest
    If your car leaves our garage and is returned within 10 working days, your MOT retest fee will be half of the initial test fee charged
    In all other cases, the charge for a retest is the same as a full test



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